Profile of an Adjunct Professor

What does an adjunct professor in educational administration look like? AASA’s recent survey of superintendents nationwide who serve as part-time faculty at their local universities paints a picture of their chief characteristics and their fit into higher education.

The survey yielded 294 responses, all but 29 of them from superintendents. Some highlights of the study’s findings follow.

* 44 percent of the adjuncts were 51 to 55 years old; another 20 percent were 56 to 60.
* 96 percent of the adjuncts had been K-12 administrators for 10 years or more.

Courses Taught
* Top three courses most frequently taught by male superintendents:
1. School finance
2. School law
3. Instructional leadership.
* Top three courses most frequently taught by female superintendents:
1. Administration
2. Educational leadership
3. (tie) Curriculum and instruction and human resources.

Preparation Time
* 42 percent of the adjuncts spend 5-9 hours per week outside of class preparing for the next session and grading papers.
* 10 percent of the adjuncts spend 10 hours per week or more outside of class on preparation and grading.

15 percent - less than $1,500
51 percent - $1,501 to $2,500
26 percent - $2,501 to $3,500
8 percent - more than $3,500

* Top three reasons cited for becoming an adjunct professor:
1. Seeking full-time employment at university
2. Opportunity to work with full-time faculty
3. Opens doors for consultation opportunity

* 63 percent of the adjuncts said they have recruited their graduate students for staffing vacancies in their school districts.

Online Instruction
* 5 percent of adjuncts said they have taught an educational administration course online; 69 percent said they would be willing to teach online if asked.