July 2024: School Administrator

Best of 2023-24

This issue compiles the best articles and columns of the past year examining changing mindsets, superintendent mental health and the importance of data privacy and cybersecurity and much more.


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It's been our custom since 2019 to use July to create a digital-only issue of School Administrator that revisits some of the magazine’s more informative articles and reflective commentaries that have appeared in our pages during the previous year.


Our Best of 2023-24 captures well what it means to work as a school super-intendent today through feature-length examinations of the biggest challenges, practical counsel on legal matters, analyses of real-world dilemmas and My View perspectives from a diverse array of voices.


The subject material ranges widely, befitting the broad array of responsibilities owned by our members and readers. We’re replaying our attention to collaborative approaches, artificial intelligence and cyber security, school leaders as legislative advocates and the need for self-care (including a stirring, first-person essay by a superintendent who dealt with his own mental illness on the job).


Our creation of a one-time digital issue annually was borne out of AASA tradition. Since its conversion from monthly newsletter to magazine in 1980, School Administrator has not published a print edition in July, principally under the belief by AASA leadership at the time that most members were taking off the month for vacation and were disinclined to invest in reading related to their work life.


We know the latter is far from the reality of today, so we hope you will invest some time in digesting our Best of 2023-24 issue to either visit or revisit our fare of the past year.


Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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