April 2024: School Administrator

Sustainability and Climate Change

This issue examines how school districts can modify behavioral and operational practices to account for climate change. 


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Taking the Temp on Climate

In this month’s issue, we dive deeply into how school districts are addressing sustainability as it relates to climate change and the environment. You’ll discover an array of contributors who come from district leadership, advocacy organizations and the research community.

In “The Political Temperature of Climate Change Education," freelance writer Jennifer Larson shares the discovery that a school community’s location may be the decisive factor behind whether and how the subject of environmental science is addressed in the classroom. She highlights districts in places such as New Jersey, which became the first state in 2020 to adopt standards that specifically require K-12 schools to teach climate change across all grade levels.

In Colorado, the Denver Public Schools may just be the nation’s pacesetter when it comes to addressing sustainability in district operating practices and classroom instruction. Denver’s climate action policy, under the direction of a district-level executive director of sustainability, is also collaborative, involving students, staff and the community.

Our theme section closes with a principal’s enthusiastic look at an outdoor education school in California.

As always, we welcome hearing your feedback, whether or not you’re located in a place that encourages attention to the climate and environment today.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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