Additional Resources

Craig Howley suggests the following print and online resources related to the subject in his article.

“Breaking Up Large High Schools” (ERIC Digest) by Tom Gregory,
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This short digest speaks to the issue of being small on purpose.

“Dollars and Sense: The Cost Effectiveness of Small Schools” by Barbara Lawrence and others, One of the few publications to tackle the cost of constructing smaller schools. The evidence strongly suggests that claims about prohibitive cost are exaggerations. The report handily summarizes much of the literature on small schools and gives practical guidelines.

“School Reform Proposals: The Research Evidence” by Craig Howley,
A clear and well-documented summary of the best available research on small schools. Particularly useful are the practical recommendations for acting to sustain smaller schools.

Small High Schools That Flourish edited by Craig Howley and Hobart Harmon, Four case studies of small rural high schools. It includes supporting materials and an extended interpretation of the authors’ perspectives.