Additional Resources

Author Bill Schweke compiled this list of additional reading relating to his piece on the relationship between financial support of K-12 education and economic development.

Schweke says: “The literature in this area is vast. I recognize that even this culled list is a bit long and intimidating, but I wanted to ensure there was some range of angles to explore on the issue of education spending and the economy.”

He suggests school system leaders start by reading something from the reports and articles in the overview section on the importance of economic development and the payoff of education.

“Development Report Card for the States,” Corporation for Enterprise Development, Washington, D.C.,

“The 21st Century at Work: Forces Shaping the Future Workforce and Workplace in the United States” by Leslie Karoly, Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, Calif.,

“Exceptional Returns: Economic, Fiscal, and Social Benefits of Investment in Early Childhood Development” by Robert Lynch, Economic Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.,

“Smart Money: Education and Economic Development” by William Schweke, Economic Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.,

“Social and Nonmarket Benefits from Education in an Advanced Economy” by Barbara Wolfe and Robert Haveman in “Proceedings from an Economic Conference on Education in the 21st Century.”

On tax cuts versus public service cuts:
“Taxes and State Economic Growth: Myths and Realities” by Peter Fisher and Elaine Ditsler, Iowa Policy Project, Ames, Iowa,

“Rethinking Growth Strategies: How State and Local Taxes and Services Affect Economic Development” by Robert Lynch, Economic Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.,

On business incentive reform:
The Great American Job Scam: Corporate Tax Dodging and the Myth of Job Creation by Greg LeRoy, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, Calif.

On tax reform:
“State Tax Policy: A Political Perspective” by David Brunori, Urban Institute, Washington, D.C.

“New Realities in State Finance” by Ronald Snell, National Conference of State Legislatures, Denver, Colo.

On education reform, spending and the economy:
“Money Matters: A Reporter’s Guide to School Finance,” Education Writers Association, Washington, D.C.,

Teaching the New Basic Skills: Principles for Educating Children to Thrive in a Changing Economy by Richard Murnane and Frank Levy, Free Press, New York, N.Y.

“Building High Performance K-12 Education,” Oregon Business Plan White Paper, Oregon Benchmarks, Salem, Ore.,

On Industrial Areas Foundation’s education reform strategy:

Gathering Power: The Future of Progressive Politics in America by Paul Osterman, Beacon Books, Boston, Mass.