Margaret Orr points readers to these additional materials relating to her subject:

• “Academic Drift, Institutional Production and Professional Distribution of Graduate Degrees in Educational Administration” by B. Baker, M. Orr and M. Young, Educational Administration Quarterly, December 2007

• “Balanced Leadership: What 30 Years of Research Tells Us About the Effect of Leadership on Student Achievement” by J. Waters, R. Marzano and R. McNulty, McREL, Aurora, Colo., 2003

• “Developing Professionally Anchored Dissertations: Lessons from Innovative Programs” by J. Murphy and M. Vriesenga. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association, April 2005

• “Professional Preparation and Training” by L. Bjork, in “The Study of the American School Superintendency 2000,” American Association of School Administrators