Additional Resources

Lisa Brady suggests the following resource materials on the subject of student drug testing:

  • Drug Testing in Schools: Guidelines for Effective Use by Lisa A. Brady and Robert L. Dupont, Hazelden Press, Center City, Minn.,
  • Office of National Drug Control Policy ( This site outlines policies, priorities and objectives for the nation’s drug control program. Click on the link for student drug testing to access publications and grant program information.
  • Prevention Not Punishment ( Sponsored by the Institute For Behavior and Health (, this site offers an interactive guide for parents, educators, students and community members on how to implement random student drug testing programs. The site includes easy to access current research, studies and publications.
  • Rocky Mountain Behavioral Science Institute. This is the sponsor of the American Drug and Alcohol Survey.
  • Student Drug Testing Coalition ( This site provides current research data on student drug testing and student drug use, student drug testing court case rulings, summaries of school policies and links to other resources.
  • U.S. Department of Education ( The agency has awarded $11 million to 400 schools since 2003 to fund random drug testing programs and has collected data on program effectiveness.