Book Review

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

by Lee Iacocca and Catherine Whitney, Scribner, New York, N.Y., 2007, 275 pp. with index, $25 hardcover

To whom can a manager or leader go for advice? How about a mature, successful chief executive, a friend of national leaders who observed up close their successes and failures over the past 60 years? How about a recognized captain of the American automobile industry, the man who took the suffering Chrysler Corp. and revived it to good health?

In his new book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Lee Iacocca uses his experiences and down-to-earth leadership style to captivate readers while making vital observations about leaders and leadership.

How does one identify leaders? Iacocca demonstrates the process by analyzing the front-runners for president. He believes one of the top-tier candidates does possess the traits of leadership and that in time it will become clear to the American voters who that person is. He judges the presidential candidates with his Nine C’s test, which he says “can be used to identify the leaders among us.”

Iacocca covers several topics in the field of education, including teachers’ low prestige. He makes an interesting comparison between how teachers are treated and how they would be treated if they worked for private companies.

Iacocca’s longtime experience, common sense and shrewd observations of leadership at all levels of government and private business make this book a good read for school leaders.

Reviewed by Darroll Hargraves, retired superintendent and management consultant, Wasilla, Alaska