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When it comes to influencing federal legislation and funding to support K-12 education, AASA’s Washington-based staff connects with legislators on both sides of the aisle, providing expertise informed by members about a bill’s likely impact. The association depends on the volunteer advocacy of superintendents and other educators to supplement what the public policy staff can do.

That’s why we’ve devoted much of this issue to sharing practical insights on how superintendents can be effective advocates on both the state and federal levels. Noelle Ellerson Ng, who oversees AASA’s legislative advocacy, addresses the role you can play to influence congressional officials, while Brenda Dietrich, a superintendent-turned-state legislator, lends insights into how this work plays out in state capitals. Various other contributors from the district and state ranks chime in with their own helpful perspectives about advocacy work.

I’ll also call your attention to an excellent article by a University of Pennsylvania professor, Sigal Ben-Porath, on the ramifications of politicized parental advocacy in the local school ranks. Many readers will identify with the narrative playing out in a suburban Philadelphia system that she’s been studying.

Legislative advocacy is an important reason for why someone working in school system administration might want to become a dues-paying member of AASA. Our advocacy team welcomes your questions about federal policy and your involvement in bolstering their work.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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