The School Administrator

March 1999It's About Time!Four-day weeks, later start times, block scheduling, trimesters


  • For Whom the School Bell Tolls


    Schools are modifying their start times based on new research on adolescent sleep needs. Also: What the research says; Kenneth Dragseth, superintendent of the Edina, Minn., discusses his district’s experience using a later high school start; and additional resources. Millicent Lawton is a free-lance education writer in Wellesley, Mass.

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  • The Effects of Block Scheduling


    Two of the leading authorities on alternative school schedules examine the fruits of the block at schools nationwide. Also: Two high-achieving schools adopt block schedules; 12 findings about block use; and additional resources. Michael Rettig is an associate professor of education at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va. Robert Lynn Canady is a professor of educational leadership and policy studies at University of Virginia.

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  • Block Scheduling’s Success Formula


    The director of secondary education in Horsham, Pa., offers his six-step recipe for effectively putting in place a new school-day schedule.

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  • Three Semesters for Learning

    by MARK F. KEEN

    The superintendent of Westfield-Washington Schools in Westfield, Ind., discusses how his district's 500-student high school has benefited from a school year divided into three parts.

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  • The Four-Day School Week


    Now in place in several hundred districts, the shorter week is trying to identify academic benefits to support its use. Also: Superintendent Lewis Diggs of Saratoga, Ark., details his district’s decision to drop a day. Kimberly Reeves is a free-lance education writer based in Houston.

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    Les M. Omotani by JAY P. GOLDMAN

    Superintendent, West Des Moines Community Schools, West Des Moines, Iowa

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    Defusing a Conversation That Turns Hostile by GEORGIA J. KOSMOSKI

    Professor of educational administration, Governors State University, University Park, Ill.

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    Guest Column

    Symbolism or Vision? The Federal Role in Education by DENISE GLYN BORDERS

    President, The McKenzie Group, Washington, D.C., and SCOTT JOFTUS, director of federal initiatives for the education consulting firm

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    Executive Perspective

    Confronting the Present With Honesty by PAUL D. HOUSTON

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    Guest Column

    My Roadmap for a Lifetime of Reading by ARTHUR STELLAR JR.

    Superintendent, Kingston City Schools, Kingston, N.Y.

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    President's Corner

    In Cuba, Child-Teacher Relationships Are Key by DANIEL A. DOMENECH

    President, AASA

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