Book Review

Educational Administration: Leading with Heart and Mind

Reviewed by Ernie Jean,
Retired, Assistant Professor, University
of Montana, Missoula, Mont.


In Educational Administration: Leading with Heart and Mind, Robert Palestini discusses his concept of "leading with heart." Using a case study approach, Palestini applies this concept solely to how a leader approaches workplace relationships. Unfortunately his attempt to tie together the sensitive side of a leader to the conceptual side falls short on details of how this would work in conflict-laden situations that practicing administrators typically face.

The book’s design--chapter, case study and activities--could provide an instructor with an organized approach toward the introductory process. The case study approach is an excellent method to put theory into practice and could provide a vehicle for students to learn and to stimulate discussion. Generally, the activities work logically with the text and the chapter case studies as well as with the general concepts of the chapter. But the book’s discussions of leadership concepts are too rudimentary to be of practical value as an introductory text.

All in all, the promise in the title was not sufficiently delivered to be of much value to the busy leader of today or to work well as an introductory text.

(Educational Administration: Leading with Heart and Mind, by Robert H. Palestini, Scarecrow Press/Technomic Books, Lanham, Md., 1999, 299 pp. with index, hardcover.)