Book Review

The Leadership Brain

By David A. Sousa

Reviewed by
David H. Smette
Superintendent, Jamestown, N.D., Public Schools

Educators work with the brains of young people. As we look for ways to improve student learning and student achievement we would be wise to use the research that neuroscientists have been doing on how the brain functions and learns.

David Sousa in his book The Leadership Brain: How to Lead Today’s Schools More Effectively does just that. He pulls from research on the brain to suggest ways to structure our schools and our teaching strategies in order to maximize learning.

In a time when we have seen unethical leadership in the corporate world, he discusses the need for spiritual and ethical leadership in our schools and classrooms. Suggestions are offered as to how to solve ethical dilemmas.

As educators struggle with the demands of No Child Left Behind, Sousa offers practical ideas for linking the research being done by neuroscientists to the real world of learning in the classroom. Neuroscience is revealing some fascinating information about the way the human brain processes and stores information and how it can synthesize old information into new ones. Information that is valuable for both the administrator and the teacher to know in order to improve the learning process.

(The Leadership Brain: How to Lead Today’s Schools More Effectively by David A. Sousa, Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2003, 309 pp., $74.95 hardcover)