Influencing Public Perception With Proactive Videos

Type: Article
Topics: Communications & Public Relations, School Administrator Magazine, Technology & AI

January 01, 2024


My children’s high school in the community where I served a four-year term on the school board has a lot going for it: a tradition of academic and extracurricular excellence, a committed corps of talented teachers and staff, and a vibrant, diverse student population.

Of course, the school has challenges too. Though positive qualities far outpace the negative, those strengths often are overlooked or overshadowed when problems arise. If a positive story falls in the forest of our daily, cacophonous distraction but nobody sees it happen, does it actually make a difference to a school’s or district’s reputation?

That’s why in our short-attention-span, clickbait media landscape, schools must be persistently proactive with bite-size good news. The key is creating and disseminating succinct photographic and video content that resonates on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Matt Baron


Inside Edge PR & Media, Oak Park, Ill.