Saying ‘Sorry’ as a Basis to Good Relations

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Topics: Communications & Public Relations, School Administrator Magazine

February 01, 2024

My View

Life is all about relationships. That’s it. That’s a motto that sums up what’s important in our work as school leaders.

I try to live by these words. I am at my best as a person, a husband, a father and a superintendent when these words are at the forefront of my mind. But as a human being, life happens, and there are many times when I am not at my best, and I forget these words. Let me tell you about one of these moments.

Last summer, I learned that someone in my school district had contacted the Rhode Island Department of Education to ask questions about residency. After a quick check of my inbox and e-mail folders, I realized this person had not reached out to me or any district staff member with her questions. There were no specifics from the state education agency about the circumstances of residency, the family involved or the particular questions raised.

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Brian Ricca


East Greenwich, R.I.