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Our Answer Person on Money

When it comes to questions pertaining to school finance, our magazine staff — and my colleagues more widely at AASA — often turn first for answers to Marguerite Roza, one of the foremost authorities on K-12 school spending, especially related to federal sources.

A researcher at Georgetown University, Roza has contributed thoughtful, explanatory writing to School Administrator readers several times over the years, and this month she appropriately serves up the cover story titled “Wise Spending of Your Federal Relief Funds." Her piece, co-authored with the policy director of the Washington-based Edunomics Lab that she directs, offers straightforward thinking about the awesome duty in the hands of school system leaders right now: How to most effectively spend the money allocated by the American Rescue Plan for K-12 education.

AASA called on her further this summer when Executive Director Dan Domenech invited Roza to present to the first online gathering of the association’s American Rescue Plan Committee on the framework for spending the new federal dollars. The committee, consisting of two dozen superintendents and others in key places, is continuing to provide our organization and its public policy staff with perspective from the ground level.

I hope you’ll find her article and a few others that follow it in this issue to be informative as you carry out this unusual opportunity coming out of the year-long pandemic.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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