April 2016: School Administrator


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Editor's Note

The Evergreening of Succession

One subject that never falls far from attention is that of leadership succession within public school districts. It’s what we in the periodicals world call an “evergreen” topic.

This issue looks at several school systems that have made succession planning a formal and ongoing process and includes a detailed interview with Kevin Maxwell, a veteran superintendent now leading the Prince George’s County, Md., schools. Several of the highlighted districts have been part of a multiyear program under the AASA umbrella, funded by The Wallace Foundation.

At the same time, I’d argue that leadership succession always has been a fixture in School Administrator. Regular readers know that each issue carries a People page with 4-6 short items about AASA members involved in a recent or upcoming change in their professional life and a list of about two dozen transitions for job appointments, retirements and deaths. You might be surprised to know we are one of the few associations to tout career moves of members in every issue — something we’ve been doing since August 1992 — and the only publication covering K-12 education I’m aware of to do so!

While many of the names appearing on the People page come to our attention through news clippings, press releases and announcements in our state affiliates’ newsletters, we’re always pleased to receive the information directly from our members. You’re welcome to ping me through one of the channels below.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator