Book Review

2010 Superintendent’s Briefing Book

Vital Information for School District Leaders

Educational Research Service, Alexandria, Va., 2010, 356 pp., $96 hardcover

2010 Superintendent’s Briefing Book: Vital Information for School District Leaders addresses how the nation’s public schools and their leaders are faced with the demand for accountability and the challenge of increasing expectations. However, they must simultaneously endure dwindling financial resources, and thus they require reliable, objective and timely information support in order to do so.

The briefing book is the product of the Educational Research Service, now in its fourth decade of providing perspectives on topics of priority concern to stakeholders in the educational enterprise, especially those on the top of the leadership pyramid.

The Superintendent’s Briefing Book contains 15 topical sections, including school board-superintendent functions and relationships; teacher and staff development and evaluation; focus on students and their well-being and achievements; cultural diversity; community relationships; safety matters and finance issues.

Decisions by superintendents can be only as good as the data on which they are based. The briefing book is designed to help school leaders get up to speed quickly in preK-12 issues, learn where to turn for additional information and resources, and share information with staff members that will enhance their productivity.
This desk manual will be a great help to any school leader, new or experienced.

Reviewed by Charles W. Rudiger, professor of management, leadership and technology, Dowling College, Oakdale, N.Y.