Book Review

Block Scheduling: Pathways to Success

Reviewed by Peter L. Carparelli
Superintendent, Teton County
School District No. 1,Jackson Hole, Wyo.


If your district is considering implementing block scheduling or intensive/extensive time scheduling, you might do well to pick up this book as a handy first reference. If you have already moved into block scheduling, you might find this book useful in evaluating your initiative.

The authors, Don Adams, associate professor at Bucknell University, and Mary E. Salvaterra, associate professor at Marywood College in Scranton, Pa., spent time in 11 high schools over the past six years that have either implemented some form of block scheduling or sought outside assistance in planning an alternative schedule.

Teachers, administrators, students and parents provided input to their study. The reflections on practice are complemented by references to related literature and theory. Though the citations are adequate and give a good start for researching, they are not extensive. The reader will need to look further if interested in more extensive research into block scheduling.

An excellent bonus of this book, published in the form of a three-ring binder, is an appendix that provides sample questionnaires that can be helpful tools.

Adams and Salvaterra walk through areas of concern, such as public support and leadership for the change, curriculum needs for effective use of the block, staff development, specific subject matter factors and even homework and substitute teachers.

(Block Scheduling: Pathways to Success, by Don C. Adams and Mary E. Salvaterra, Technomic Publishing Co., Lancaster, Pa. 1997, 196 pp. with index, $59.95 hardcover)