Sample Interview Questions

When conducting a behavior-based interview of candidates for an administrative opening in your school district, you can draw from these sample questions.

Knowledge of Students
•  Tell about your experiences with students in this age range.
•  How have you worked to help students move to the next level of education and/or toward graduation?

Curriculum and Management for Learning
•  What approaches have you used to ensure the mandated curriculum was covered in a limited amount of time?
•  How have you helped lead other teachers in organizing the curriculum? 
•  Describe a classroom management plan you have used and a schoolwide one with which you are familiar.

•  How have you been able to raise student achievement in the classroom, grade-level or school setting?
•  Describe an experience where you had to explain standardized test results to parents, other teachers or a school board.
•  Tell about successful remediation programs that you have used.

Personnel, Hiring, Induction
•  Tell us about your experience in hiring teachers.
•  How have you helped a single teacher or group of teachers through mentoring or induction?
•  Tell us about your supervisory experiences of new and experienced teachers.

Facilities, Budget, School Safety
•  Describe your experiences with budget cuts, reallocation of funds or monitoring a budget.
•  Tell us about your experiences with managing school facilities. What are the special issues for _____ (an elementary school, a middle school, a high school)?
•  Describe special emergency measures with which you are familiar (violence prevention, tornadoes, snow days, etc.).

Public Relations, Communicating With Parents
•  How have you involved parents/families in the classrooms and schools where you have worked?
•  What has been your involvement with extracurricular activities? How can they inspire community involvement?
•  Describe presentations you have made in your community to parents, school board members, professional associations or other teachers.
•  Tell us about an incident from your experience that required knowledge of school law.

Leadership, Vision, Professionalism
•  Describe a meeting you have led.
•  Describe any experiences you have had working with a school board.
•  Tell about your experiences with school accreditation. 
•  Describe your vision for our school here.
•  What resources do you use to stay current and informed in the field?

— Compiled by Mary Clement