Who Are Your Heroes?

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Topics: Leadership Development, School Administrator Magazine

April 01, 2024

My VieW

I recently binged Marvel’s “Iron Man” movies and noticed how hero Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), the highly gifted and accomplished tech talent behind Stark Industries, uses his creativity and wit to make the world better.

What makes Iron Man and other characters like him heroic? It’s in both how they apply their strengths for the greater good and how they serve as role models. Thinking about colleagues I know who do the same, I wondered about the significance of heroes to school leadership.

Known for his Leadership Freak blog, Dan Rockwell asserts that a hero helps us imagine whom we can become. For example, we might see ourselves growing into a creative and technological genius like Tony Stark. More often, however, we see ourselves in our less famous heroes — those who walk among us.

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Dana Schon

Professional learning director

School Administrators of Iowa, Clive, Iowa