December 2016: School Administrator


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Editor's Note

Routes for Reaching Us

One of the monthly routines of the three editors at School Administrator is the careful critique of thoughtful manuscripts by hopeful contributors that land in a pile of submissions on each of our desks each month.

As a professional membership publication, we welcome unsolicited pieces on subjects that have direct relevancy to school system leaders. We provide a lot of guidance for how to do this on the magazine’s web page, along with an editorial theme calendar for the next 6-12 months.

Note: Manuscript reviewing is a highly selective process.

Some of those who write on the issue’s designated theme are chosen by the editors specifically for their expertise or previous experiences. We identify those who can best contribute informatively to our audience.

Increasingly, we are monitoring the best blogsites maintained by superintendents for thoughtful reflections and reviewing national conference programs for presenters who are delivering on subjects that appeal to us. Several articles in this issue were solicited under those circumstances.

If you’re keen on writing for a professional publication, here’s a suggestion. At AASA’s national conference in March, I’ll join two AASA editors in a session on “Publishing Professionally.” We will share practical advice on crafting something that will capture editors’ interest and serve an appropriate need among the magazine’s readers. I hope to see you there.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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