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AASA Learning 2025

AASA Learning 2025

 Forward to the Future

We want you to envision a future – a future where education is not just a system but an innovative, vibrant, and transformative force. This is not just a dream but a reality we are striving to create through AASA’s Learning 2025 Network.

Grounded in the foundational work of the AASA Learning 2025 National Commission and inspired by the commission’s report, An American Imperative: A New Vision of Public Schools, the AASA Learning 2025 Network aims to turn this bold vision into reality by empowering you, the public school superintendents and district leaders, to drive that change.

Join colleagues as we actively shape the future of public education.

We are on the cusp of a new era in public education. Superintendents nationwide are joining together through the Learning 2025 Network to take a future-driven approach to transform public education.
David R. Schuler, Ph.D.

Executive Director, AASA, The School Superintendents Association

David Schuler

Benefits of Being Involved with Learning 2025

AASA Learning 2025 Demonstration Systems will actively engage in system transformation through access to a personalized tools, support, and opportunities you need to make an immediate difference in your district today.

Demonstration Systems will benefit from:

Mentorship & Customized Support
Strategic Mentorship

Each demonstration system will be matched with an experienced, AASA-led strategic mentor to assist you on your future-driven path, serving as both a guide and support partner to collaborate with you and your team. Demonstration systems will receive 6 days/48 hours of strategic mentoring support.

Customized Guidance

Mentors will also help you navigate the complexities of educational system transformation in your context and offer change management support. Mentors will help you create and coordinate your district’s strategic plan alignment with Learning 2025 principles.

Tailored Resources

Access carefully curated case studies, research, videos, toolkits, talking points and other immediately implementable resources to guide you on your specific journey.

Stimulating Collaboration
Time for Meaningful Connection

We know that an essential part of success is building relationships and expanding networks. Demonstration systems will have access to:

 Monthly virtual professional learning opportunities;
 At least 3 site visit opportunities;
 At least 2 in-person convenings;
 Exclusive discounts to attend additional events and programs;

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Participation in an AASA Cohort

Participation in one AASA cohort, plus receive network-only discounts on two additional cohorts. As part of a cohort, you and your team will explore problems of practice, drive improvement in you district and across the nation, and work together to better meet the needs of all learners.

View AASA Cohorts

Engagement in AASA Communities of Practice

Continue to build your network and gain innovative ideas by participating in up to 3 AASA Communities of Practice in Learning 2025 focus areas like early learning, future-driven education and more.

Regional Network Innovation Hubs

Systems may have the opportunity to leverage collective knowledge and expertise with colleagues in their region. 

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Ample Opportunities 
Recognition and Publicity

Through strategic storytelling and utilizing local, regional and national digital and traditional media channels, our team will support you in sharing your district’s story. Systems will also be able to apply for the Lighthouse System and System to Watch designation.

Leverage Exclusive Opportunities, Discounts & Additional Services

Enjoy exclusive discounted rates for events and access additional services and support from AASA and strategic partners. Plus, leverage access to world-renown organizations and thought leaders.

3 Ways to Become Involved
Become a Demonstration System

Your all access pass to network-only benefits.
Leverage the largest professional learning network of top educators in the country and get year-round access to personalized support, communities of practice, strategic mentors, curated resources, discounts and more.

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Become an Engaged System

An opportunity to become engaged with Learning 2025 on a smaller scale. Engaged systems have access to specific resources and opportunities to collaborate with colleagues.

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Join as Part of a Regional Network

Join together with districts in your region to form a collaborative regional network. This customized service option will help you and your teams leverage collective knowledge.

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This initiative alone has driven conversations toward unprecedented realizations, and we have pushed our leaders to learn, unlearn and relearn—and to think boldly while doing so in support of each and every child—especially those who are furthest away from educational opportunity.

Calvin J. Watts

Superintendent, Gwinnett County Public School District (Ga.)

Calvin J. Watts
Learning 2025 in Action

Learning 2025 Demonstration Systems are moving the needle and creating real, holistic systemic changes in their districts, communities and across the country.

Demonstration System Video Spotlights

Lighthouse Systems Logo

AASA Recognizes Lighthouse Systems to Serve as Models for Education Transormation

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Learning 2025 Programmatic Partners
Learning 2025 Thought Partners


Become a Partner

Partner directly with AASA and school leaders to support the Learning 2025 initiative.

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