AASA Learning 2025 Lighthouse System Vignettes

Type: Case Study
Topics: College- Career- and Life-Readiness, Early Learning, Equity, Social Emotional Learning

May 25, 2023

AASA Lighthouse Systems


The designation as an AASA Lighthouse System reflects commitment to the principles of AASA Learning 2025 through Learner-Centered, Equity-Focused, and Future-Driven Education.

The selected designates are members of AASA’s Learning 2025 Network, a cadre of more than 120 demonstration systems representing forward-leaning, urban, suburban and rural school districts engaged in learning, networking and working together to help drive education policy and ultimately improve student learning.

Districts were reviewed based on strategies and recommendations developed by the commission. Redesign component indicators include:

  • Social, Emotional and Cognitive Growth
  • Future-Ready Learners
  • Cognitive Growth Model
  • Learners as Co-authors
  • Accelerator A1: Diverse Educator Pipeline
  • Accelerator A2: Early Learning
  • Accelerator A3: Technology-Enhanced Learning
  • Accelerator A4: Community Alignment

The systems recognized are implementing bold, actionable steps in a specific focus area on behalf of the broader education community. The vignettes below provide an overview of the exceptional work taking place in these districts within various focus areas.

Cognitive Growth Model

Northgate School District, Pittsburgh, Pa. (designated Fall 2022)
Strength in Science of Reading and Multi-Tiered System of Support as Foundation of Success for ALL Students
Superintendent: Caroline Johns

    Early Learning

    College Community School District, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (designated Fall 2022)
    Strength in Early Learning Partnerships in Service of Highly Diverse Community
    Superintendent: Doug Wheeler

    Fox Chapel Area School District, Pittsburgh, Pa. (designated Fall 2022)
    Systemic Approach to Serving the Whole Learner with Strength in Early Learning
    Superintendent: Mary Catherine Reljac

    Mineola Unified School District, Mineola, N.Y. (designated Fall 2022)
    Ensuring Early Learning Growth and Achievement for ALL Learners
    Superintendent: Michael Nagler

    West Valley School District #208, Yakima, Wash. (designated Spring 2022)
    Integrated, Sustained System of Multiple Measures PK-12
    Superintendent: Peter Finch

    Community Alignment

    Hermiston School District, Hermiston, Ore. (designated Fall 2023)
    Aligning with Our Community for a Culture of Belonging and Learning for All
    Superintendent: Tricia Mooney

    Future-Ready Learners

    Baldwin Unified School District, Baldwin, N.Y. (designated Spring 2022)
    Focus on Rigorous Access and Opportunity for All Students
    Superintendent: Shari Camhi

    Beaver Area School District (designated Fall 2023)
    Building Foundational Student Success
    Superintendent: Mark Holtzman

    Buckeye Elementary School District, Buckeye, Ariz. (designated Spring 2022)
    Intentional Innovative Design Impacting Student Outcomes
    Superintendent: Kristi Wilson

    Collegiate Edu-Nation, Roscoe, Texas (designated Fall 2022)
    Innovation in Creating Positive Pathways for Rural Schools
    Executive Director: Kim Alexander

    Coxsackie-Athens Central School District, Coxsackie, N.Y. (designated Spring 2022)
    Clear Articulation of Life-, College- and Career-Readiness
    Superintendent: Randall Squier

    Ephrata Area Schools, Ephrata, Pa. (designated Spring 2022)
    Coherent Future-Driven Mindset
    Superintendent: Brian Troop

    Franklin Regional School District, Murrysville, Pa. (designated Spring 2023)
    Unwavering Commitment to Opportunity for All
    Superintendent: Gennaro R. Piraino, Jr.

    Harvard Community Unit School District 50, Harvard, Ill. (designated Spring 2022)
    Culture, Policy and Practice Building Dual Language Learners
    Superintendent: Corey Tafoya

    High School District 214, Arlington Heights, Ill. (designated Spring 2022)
    Integrated Pathways and Career-Connected Learning
    Superintendent: David R. Schuler

    Huntley Community School District 158, Algonquin, Ill. (designated Spring 2023)
    Nurturing 21st Century Learners
    Superintendent: Scott Rowe

    Linton-Stockton Schools, Linton, Ind. (designated Spring 2022)
    Integrated Systems Approach for Personalized Learner Experience
    Superintendent: Kathy Goad

    Montrose County School District (designated Fall 2023)
    Forging a Future-Ready Rural Community of Learners through Career Pathways and Language Acquisition
    Superintendent: Carrie Stephenson

    River Valley School District, Blairsville, Pa. (designated Spring 2023)
    Academic Success, Real World Experiences
    Superintendent Philip Martell

    South Fayette Township School District, McDonald, Pa. (designated Spring 2023)
    Transforming the Learning Experience
    Superintendent: Michelle Miller

    Val Verde Unified School District, Perris, Calif. (designated Spring 2022)
    Focus on Principal as Key Levers and Broad Stakeholder Co-Construction
    Superintendent: Michael McCormick

    West Allegheny Area Schools, Imperial, Pa. (designated Spring 2022)
    Differentiated Targeted Supports and Focus on Removing Barriers
    Superintendent: Jerri Lynn Lippert

    Learners as Co-Authors

    California Area School District, Coal Center, Pa. (designated Spring 2023)
    Personalized Learning Through Systematic Redesign
    Superintendent: Laura Jacob

    Mehlville School District, Mehlville, Mo. (designated Fall 2022)
    Comprehensive Individualized Learning and Student Agency
    Superintendent: Chris Gaines

    Shaler Area School District, Pittsburgh, Pa. (designated Fall 2022)
    Valuing Student Voice and Empowerment
    Superintendent: Sean Aiken

    Wilder School District, Wilder, Idaho (designated Spring 2023)
    Removing Barriers, Empowering Learners
    Superintendent: Jeff Dillon

    Social, Emotional, Cognitive Growth

    Naperville 203 Community Unit School District, Naperville, Ill. (designated Spring 2022)
    Comprehensive, Systemic Integration of Social-Emotional Learning
    Superintendent: Dan Bridges

    San Ramon Valley Unified School District, San Ramon, Calif. (designated Fall 2022)
    Aligned Strategic Direction as Foundation for Academic Excellence
    Superintendent: John Malloy

    Seneca Valley School District (designated Fall 2023)
    Creating Bold Spaces that Support Teaching, Learning and Student Well Being
    Superintendent: Tracy Vitale

    Washougal School District, Washougal, Wash. (designated Spring 2022)
    Multiple Measures of Growth Outcomes
    Superintendent: Mary Templeton

    Technology-Enhanced Learning

    Elizabeth Forward School District, Elizabeth, Pa. (designated Spring 2022)
    Strategic Partnerships in Interactive Digital Learning
    Superintendent: Keith Konyk

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