Book Reviews

Leadership Beyond Excuses

by Eugene White

Reviewed by Ronald A. Styron Jr.
Assistant Professor of
Educational Leadership,
University of Southern Mississippi,
Hattiesburg , Miss.

Leadership Beyond Excuses by veteran school leader Eugene White is appropriate for all levels of school leadership. White, who is AASA president-elect, addresses eight common excuses used by school administrators to justify failure and offers practical strategies to understand and address each one.

It is obvious that White, who recently assumed the superintendency in Indianapolis, Ind., has many years of administrative experience. This is evident in his writing style, which is free of excessive jargon and filled with numerous examples of real-world situations as they apply to the familiar excuses.

Excellent tips and advice are given to leaders by discussing all eight excuses, which relate to people, vision/planning, politics, money, time, competition and change.

Most notable for school leaders are the chapters dealing with excuses about time and change. In his chapter on the former, the author details useful strategies to improve time management. This includes avoiding time wasters, the importance of delegation and how to conduct effective meetings in the most expedient manner possible.

In his chapter on change, White helps the reader understand the personal dynamics and natural resistance associated with any change, positive or negative. Furthermore, the book includes an excellent section pertaining to change created by a leader and change forced upon a leader.

(Leadership Beyond Excuses by Eugene White, Power Publishing, Camby, Ind., 2005, 198 pp. with index, $21.95 softcover)