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April 2023: Interscholastic Athletics

EDITORIAL LINEUP: Interscholastic Athletics

School Administrator is where readers find answers on timely “big-picture” concerns dealing with equity in sports, academics, access to high-level courses, school safety and much more. 

The sports culture is often a part of the school’s identity. In the popular tv series “Friday Night Lights,” we saw football in its glory and its dark side where violent behavior, racist attitudes and a wealthy parent tried to gain special treatment.

School district administrators face these realities every day. Defining the purpose of sports is a complicated mix of community tradition, trends, and a desire to develop students’ understanding of equity and teamwork. School superintendents must wrestle with all aspects of a sports program:  funding inequities among schools, gender inequities between programs, and the moral and ethical concern that can endorse a sports culture where parents defy the rules and want special treatment for their child. 

April’s content is rich in details about trends, risks and dilemmas that speak directly to the concerns of district-level administrators, coaches, parents and students.

Editorial Highlights include:

  • Sports Culture Rules the American High School

    The author of Sports Crazy critiques America’s school sports that perpetuates the jock culture and cheerleader squads above fitness for all. 

  • Addressing Hate and Racial Bias in School Athletics

    Violent behavior and hate speech by fans and players are creating a hostile sports environment.  School officials are ramping up efforts to diminish hazing and anti-Semitic and racial slurs as well as other unsportsmanlike behavior. 

  • Righting the Competitive Imbalance in Interscholastic Athletics

    Sports competitions between wealthy and less-advantaged schools are unfair because wealthy teams have access to athletic trainers, better equipment and superior facilities that give them an edge in competition.

  • Gender Equity in School-Based Athletics

    Title IX legislation required school districts to provide equitable spending for girls and boys sports programs, it led  to upgrades in playing fields, but inequities still exist.

  • Does Football Have a Future in High School?
    A fascinating article about the questions that district administrators are facing in light of traumatic head injuries in football that can be life-changing. The article reveals trends across the country and in Texas, where football plays a large role in school and community spirit.

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