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June 2023: Professional Growth of Superintendents
Features include:

  • Placing a Board’s Feedback at the Center of Professional Learning. A senior lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and former superintendent captures how she shared information with her board to meet their needs.
  • What I’ve Discovered as a Mentee and Mentor. The deputy executive director of professional learning of Texas Association of School Administrators provides insights into building a close, supportive relationship to deal with challenges.
  • The Role of Superintendents: Leveraging Professional Learning to Fulfill the Promise of High-Quality Learning for All. Senior leaders of AASA and a curriculum expert share essential elements of professional development that enhances a learning culture for all.


  • Leading with joy to build positive culture for principals and their supervisors
  • Building inclusive professional networks to support women and minorities
  • Developing a Resonant, Resilient and Nimble Leader
  • The Other Side of Professional Growth: The Potential of Executive Coaching in the Superintendency. A Teachers College professor at Columbia University and former superintendent describes the value of an outside coach for superintendents.
  • Outside Experts Inside Classrooms for Professional Growth. A professor of adolescent literacy education recommends jumpstarting teachers’ learning with outside expertise who can introduce a fresh perspective.

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Coming in July: The Best of 2022-23 School Administrator
August 2023: Practicing Inclusion in Schools

The lead article provides insights on “The Delicate Work of Equity in Conservative Communities” and will grab the attention of our readers — 20,000 superintendents and district-level leaders. This issue deals with the timely topics relating to inclusion for all students. A must-read!

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August Editorial Highlights

  • The Delicate Hand of Equity Work in Conservative Communities
    Interviews with three superintendents on how they have proceeded amidst divisiveness in the public sphere.
  • The Invisible Sub-group: LGBT 
    As a mentor to aspiring superintendents, the author is asked for interviewing advice on playing the ‘partner game.’ 
  • A Desire to Do Things Differently’
    Self-contained programs weren’t benefiting students with disabilities so this large district is changing mindsets to create inclusive schools.
  • Assessment of Inclusive Practices
    How do you look for effective inclusion of students with disabilities in a school system?
  • BIPOC and White Leaders Learning from Each Other
    Leading equity and race work districtwide is hard and messy and differs from most other change initiatives.

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