Transitioning from Superintendent to Mentor

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Topics: Leadership Development, School Administrator Magazine

June 01, 2024

My VieW

Life’s journey is full of changes. And for many, retirement marks a significant shift in direction.

After dedicating 27 years to serving as a superintendent, I found myself standing at that retirement crossroads, eagerly embracing the opportunity to embark on a new chapter as a mentor and consultant.

Little did I know this transition would not only redefine my professional role but also illuminate powerful insights into leadership and mentorship.

Learning from Newbies

As I reflect on the past five years spent primarily as a coach and consultant, I am struck by the transformative impact that mentoring has had on me as well as on the school district leaders I serve.

While my journey from superintendent to mentor has been marked by challenges and uncertainties, it also has been incredibly rewarding, offering me the chance to share my experience while learning with and from a new generation of dynamic leaders.

A few things I’ve discovered about these relationships follow.

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Larry Nyland

Retired superintendent

Seattle, Wash.