Safeguarding Students and Schools in an Age of Crisis

Type: Webinar Recording
Topics: District & School Operations, School Safety & Cybersecurity

June 08, 2023

Safeguarding Students and Schools in an Age of Crisis webinar

How can we make the inevitable school crisis preventable? No question—when a student tragedy occurs, we rally the resources needed to respond. But crisis response is the most costly, time-consuming and least-impactful student support a school can provide. To safeguard students requires a systemic shift from high-stress reactivity to a culture of proactive intervention. With early detection of student needs and concerns, educators can provide interventions and supports that resolve issues, avert crises and prevent threats from materializing. With Safeguarding, school systems implement early prevention case management that enables:

  • Educators to easily document and report student needs and incidents when they first occur
  • Administrators to track, support, case manage, and relieve student concerns
  • District leaders to access actionable disaggregated data and analyze real-time trends

Safeguarding moves schools from high-stress crisis response to a culture of early intervention, making the inevitable preventable.


Curtis Linton headshot

Curtis Linton, Safeguarding consultant, The Safeguarding Company

Curtis Linton is bringing Safeguarding as a student-wellness practice to U.S. schools. For the past 20 years, Curtis has studied and documented the most impactful and equitable educational practices through best-selling books, award-winning media and impactful partnerships with student-centered educators in all 50 states.



David Cittadino headshot

David Cittadino, superintendent, Old Bridge Public Schools (N.J.)

David Cittadino is superintendent of schools in Old Bridge, N.J., with more than 25 years of experience in two of the state’s largest urban and suburban school districts. In 2020, he was a regional Superintendent of the Year and is a certified New Jersey School Safety Specialist.