Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

Type: Article
Topics: Board Relations, School Administrator Magazine

November 01, 2023


Successful superintendents develop an entry plan establishing a road map of the first six months to a year. They can use this plan to ensure success toward the goals and mission of the school district.

A less utilized tool — an exit strategy — can leave a solid transition pathway for the next superintendent.

As the school board goes through the important process of finding your successor, it’s up to you to help ensure that person’s success when they take the reins of the district.

While new superintendents are going to have their own ideas on how to lead the district, you can make the transition easier. You’ll want to maintain a continuum to ensure smooth operations until your replacement can start implementing new leadership initiatives.

You might consider leaving a notebook with information that would be helpful for someone getting to know the district and staff. Perhaps you can use your self-evaluation as a framework. Obviously keeping it to the facts would help your replacement understand what you were focused on.

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