Case Study: South Fayette Township School District (Pa.)

Type: Case Study
Topics: Equity, Health & Wellness, Social Emotional Learning

July 24, 2023

How one AASA Learning 2025 Demonstration System is Taking a Future-Driven Approach With its Rapidly Growing Student Population
South Fayette Township Case Study

AASA Learning 2025 Demonstration Systems are creating student-centered, equity­-focused, and future-driven educational systems that serve ALL learners.

South Fayette Township School District, one of the fastest growing school systems in the state of Pennsylvania, has integrated core Learning 2025 priorities into their long-term strategic planning process. In 2022, the district created its three-year strategic plan. During ongoing meetings with vested partners, two areas were identified as greatest needs:

  • Addressing the mental health needs of students in the post-Covid era
  • Ensuring that this learning organization continue to be a leading school district in the region regarding innovative and future-focused instruction, opportunities, and experiences for the students it serves.

South Fayette’s commitment to being a future-driven learning organization is evident in a range of programs and practices. Essentially, these organizational structures ensure a long-term and sustainable commitment to preparing all learners for academic success and career pathways aligned with 21st century needs and priorities.

Quick District Facts:

District Enrollment: 3,400 students and growing (considered one of the fastest growing school systems in Pennsylvania)

During the past decade, the district has experienced a 40% growth in student population, well above the average for growth in the region.