An Emerging Social Tool: The Clubhouse App

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October 01, 2021

Social Media

Education has a complicated relationship with social media. It has the power to connect us with colleagues around the world in many new ways. It enriches our relationships with folks who work down the hall or in other buildings within our own school district. It amplifies our work and highlights our achievements.

Social media is how school districts tell their stories to a community and, as school leaders, for all of the talk about the difficulties of a continuous online life, there is something exciting about connecting beyond your immediate educational circle.

In the past, we were limited in whom we could speak to about emerging programs and new thinking. If those around us were not engaged in the particular work, we were limited to books and articles on the topic. Now we are limited only by our own unwillingness to engage. If it is happening in schools, there are people discussing the subject on social media all day, every day. The world is our oyster when it comes to finding folks across the globe doing the work that we are interested in exploring.

On the flip side, social media inevitably opens the door to easy criticism from frustrated community members and armchair quarterbacks over decisions we make as school leaders. A blessing and a curse? Perhaps. But social media is impossible to ignore as a tool for growth and partnership.

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Tim Dawkins
About the Author

Tim Dawkins is the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in the South Glens Falls Central School District in South Glens Falls, N.Y.