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A Model for Recognizing Growth

If there’s such a thing as being a “poster child” for a particular cause within the ranks of superintendents, then I’ll nominate Patricia Deklotz as the profession’s best representative on the matter of micro-credentials.

She has overseen the adoption and thoughtful use of this new form of promoting professional growth in her southeastern Wisconsin school system of Kettle Moraine by recognizing that educators hold different professional development needs. In abandoning the common one-size-fits-all approach, she’s creating a model for other progressive school districts and giving her schools a leg up on luring the best talent to the classroom. (I discovered a newly minted Ph.D. in zoology turned down an offer of a professorship just last summer to teach science in Kettle Moraine.) Recent accounts of her work have landed in several national publications, including Education Week.

Now it’s our turn. Her own words serve to showcase her efforts, serving as a practical complement to the cover story about micro-credentialing by Barnett Berry of the Center for Teaching Quality. I am certain many readers will find considerable appeal in the personalized learning of their staff members, and Deklotz can probably expect some newfound attention as a poster child.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator

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