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Career Transitions

School Administrator, March 2018

As someone who has followed the comings and goings of thousands of superintendents over the years, I’ve been noticing some striking parallels to the career transitions of corporate CEOs. This month’s issue addresses some of the similar aspects of job movement among those at the top of the organizational ladder.

You’ll find full-length articles, for instance, on the phenomenon of school system leaders who find the No. 2 position provides a comfortable fit with their interests and skills and the notion that career changing after shorter terms in office are being viewed less unfavorably in some quarters. Those are also angles I’m seeing reported about corporate leaders in the pages of The Wall Street Journal.

We’ve also called on Hank Gmitro, who leads the country’s busiest superintendent search company, Hazard Young Attea, to contribute twice. Gmitro, an ex-superintendent, describes, first, several trends he sees playing out in the superintendent search arena and, second, what he thinks those who become candidates in a search ought to look for in the qualities of a school board.

You’ll also want to read Stephen Joel’s personal account of what legacy can mean in the superintendency.

Lots of good reading, and I look forward to your feedback

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator
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