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Alternatives to College

School Administrator, August 2018

THERE’S A GOOD ARGUMENT to be made that not every high school graduate ought to be heading off to college. This issue of the magazine builds thoughtfully on that notion.

I would commend to your reading our cover story by Brent Parton of New America’s Center on Education and Skills about the significant strides being made in youth apprenticeships. His overview of the national movement is supplemented by contributions from Tom Boasberg and Gerrita Postlewait, superintendents in Denver and Charleston, S.C., respectively, on the apprenticeship programs in their schools.

We also invited a researcher in Germany, Ludger Deitmer, to address how the well-established corporate apprenticeship programs in his country are influencing the newly emerging programs in our country.

Finally, I’d call your attention to Paul Riede’s article on the modest moves by secondary schools to effectively transition students with intellectual disabilities into the workforce. With labor shortages emerging, it’s becoming a priority nationwide on both economic and moral grounds. Riede describes initiatives in Madison, Wis., and Westfield, Mass., and compiles several helpful resources for K-12 educators.

Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator
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