AASA Launches ‘Learning 2025’ Case Study Series

January 31, 2023


James Minichello



Series to Feature Successful Models of Equity and Future-Driven School Systems That Are Transforming Public Education

Alexandria, Va. – January 31, 2023 AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is pleased to introduce a case study series showcasing exemplary school districts reflecting the vision and design of AASA’s Learning 2025 Network, a cadre of more than 120 demonstration systems engaged in learning, networking and working together to help drive education policy and, ultimately, improve student learning.

As the range and number of participating districts increases, AASA is committed to share the achievements and impact of this critically important national initiative outlined in the report, An American Imperative: A New Vision of Public Schools, which was created by thought leaders in education, business, community and philanthropy.

“The objective of our series is to showcase the bold innovations occurring right now in our classrooms throughout every corner of the country that are paving the way to help shape and prepare students for the future,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA. “The strategies and educational values presented by the participating districts illustrate the need to create and sustain authentic learning environments, challenge the status quo and require all stakeholders to take risks and embrace change.”

River Valley School District (RVSD), a rural community in Blairsville, Pa., located approximately 45 miles east of Pittsburgh, is the first district featured in the series. RVSD champions future-ready learnings by commanding excellence through high-quality authentic learning environments in an inclusive and safe atmosphere.

Home to 1,500 students across seven municipalities, the district endorses a distinctive K-12 career framework emphasizing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) that provides an equitable education to all students. RVSD embraces innovation that substantially improves its embedded community.

“We meet the individual needs of the district’s students by aligning our mission, vision, goals and priorities, and effectively analyzing data to monitor the use of evidence-based strategies,” said Philip Martell, RVSD superintendent. “The district’s progressive approach provides stakeholders with positive outcomes beyond increased academic achievement, equity through individualized and experiential learning, and STEAM access for all.”

“The objective of our series is to showcase the bold innovations occurring right now in our classrooms throughout every corner of the country that are paving the way to help shape and prepare students for the future,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA.

Learning accelerators highlighted through the RVSD study include:

  • Promoting a Diverse Education Pipeline
  • Preparing All Students for Success in Their K-12 Educational Journey and Life
  • Technology as a Force Multiplier for Meeting the Needs of the Whole Learner
  • Engaging Families, Communities and Business Leaders

A key component of the AASA Learning 2025 initiative is a commitment to equity and the preparation of all learners for success in a rapidly changing world. According to the aforementioned An American Imperative report, “We achieve this only when educators stand firmly against the marginalization of any child and steadfastly in favor of building a new system capable of meeting ALL children’s Whole Learner needs equitably.”

Per the RVSD case study, “RVSD recognizes that being future-ready means providing a more equitable educational system that leaves no learning marginalized. The district found that a subgroup of students valued and excelled by steering their education and learning at their own pace and expanded its cyber school program to support those students by creating the River Valley Cyber Academy (RVCA). RVCA has been instrumental in providing students with unique educational preferences and opportunities connected with instruction to facilitate a cohesive learning experience.”

“River Valley School District is engaging all key stakeholder groups—administrators, faculty and staff, students and parents—in redesigning its educational system, reengineering instruction, and encouraging all students to be co-authors of their own learning process.”

The RVSD case study represents the first in a series of ongoing publications designed to expand public awareness and understanding of Learning 2025’s insights into the transformation of 21st century education.

Click here to access a copy of the River Valley School District case study. For more information about the AASA Learning 2025 Network, visit the AASA website or contact Mort Sherman, AASA senior associate executive director, Leadership Network, at msherman@aasa.org.


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