Safe Schools, Strong Communities: Marketing Your School District with Safety as a Powerful Differentiator

Type: Webinar Recording
Topics: Communications & Public Relations, School Safety & Cybersecurity

June 14, 2023

Safe Schools, Strong Communities webinar
Creating a culture of safety is not only essential for the well-being of your staff and students, it is a powerful marketing tool to attract families and boost student enrollment. In this exclusive webinar for superintendents, we will explore the role of safety in promoting your school district to prospective families.   

Join our expert panel of school and district leaders as they share insights, strategies, and success stories for leveraging improved safety and security to improve community relations and attract new families. We will delve into how leaders can build a comprehensive culture of safety that resonates with families and inspires trust, including insights on implementing safety protocols and procedures, fostering a positive and inclusive environment, promoting social-emotional well-being, and improving community engagement.  

Discover how to leverage your district's safety practices as a compelling selling point to attract families, retain students, and enhance your community's perception of your district.   

Attendees will:   
  • Learn how to build a culture of safety within your school district and use it as a powerful marketing tool.
  • Gain insights, strategies, and success stories from educational leaders who have successfully created a culture of safety.  
  • Discover practical tips on effectively communicating your district's commitment to safety through marketing channels.  
  • Explore ways to highlight your district's safety practices in messages, visuals, and stories that resonate with families.  
  • Understand how to leverage your district's culture of safety as a compelling selling point to attract families and boost student enrollment.  
  • Learn how to foster a positive and inclusive environment, promote social-emotional well-being, and engage with the community to enhance your district's culture of safety.   
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your district's commitment to safety through community-facing marketing channels, including websites, social media, community events, and more.  
  • Gain practical tips on crafting compelling messages, visuals, and stories that highlight your district's culture of safety and resonate with prospective families.

Join us for this informative webinar and learn how to build a culture of safety that not only protects your students and staff but also enhances your school district's marketing efforts.


Jim McVety headshot

Jim McVety,  managing partner, First Step Advisors

Jim is the managing partner of First Step Advisors (founded 2009), which delivers strategy, communications and executive growth services to education providers worldwide. Jim’s published research, strategic consulting and embedded client engagements have fueled the growth of hundreds of companies across the education industry. A widely recognized authority in the learning economy, Jim’s roles in education and EdTech have covered product management, industry research and analysis, M&A, and sales and marketing. Through First Step, Jim and his team advise global brands, early/mid-stage innovators and leading investors that share a commitment to improving educational outcomes. Jim holds degrees in secondary education and English from Boston College, has served on numerous advisory boards and works with a range of strategic partners around the globe.


Stacey Locke headshot

Stacey Locke, assistant superintendent of operations, Yakima School District (Wash.)

Stacey is a former US Army Reserve member and a National Certified Athletic Trainer. She served as the principal of Eisenhower High School for 11 years and was named Washington State Principal of the Year and a National Principal Finalist in 2008. Stacey currently serves as the executive director of safety and security at the Yakima School District and is passionate about farming, gardening, and animals.



Benjamin Wiggins headshot

Benjamin Wiggins, superintendent, Colquitt County School District (Ga.)

Benjamin Wiggins is an accomplished educator and leader with over 25 years of experience in education. He started his career as a teacher at Colquitt County High School and worked his way up to become the principal of several high schools in Georgia. In January 2020, he returned to South Georgia as superintendent of the Thomasville City School System before assuming the position of Colquitt County School Superintendent in May of 2021. He has received multiple accolades throughout his career, including serving as the past president of the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders and the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals.