One Superintendent’s Presidential Campaign Platform

Type: Article
Topics: Advocacy & Policy, School Administrator Magazine

September 01, 2016

My View

Listening to campaign promises being tossed around by presidential candidates in both major parties has left me wondering: “What if superintendents could just announce what they would do on the job — no plan or hard work needed!” A superintendent would simply will an action, and it would happen.

In that spirit, I present an 11-point campaign platform for education in 2016:

  1. All children will be loved.
  2. No families will live in poverty.
  3. All children will start school on an equal basis, economically and socially, and will be ready (and eager) to learn.
  4. All children will read by 3rd grade and will love reading.
  5. Every child will love middle school and will use those years to discover his or her best future self.
  6. No students will ever purposefully bully others, and, if a student unintentionally hurts another student, classmates will help minimize the hurt and inform the misguided bully.
  7. All students will graduate from high school after a successful three, four or five years — whatever is most appropriate for their learning needs and styles.
  8. Student assessment will be fair, multifaceted, timely and informative.
  9. Funding for schools will be sufficient.
  10. Every teacher and school leader will be caring, talented, successful and appropriately rewarded.
  11. Every child will be safe, healthy, engaged, supported and challenged.

There you have it — my agenda for making America great again!


Martha Bruckner

Superintendent in Council Bluffs, Iowa. E-mail: Twitter: @­marthabruckner. An earlier version of this column appeared in the National Superintendents’ Roundtable newsletter.