Mental Health and Self-care: How School Leaders Can Support Others While Caring for Themselves

Type: Webinar Recording
Topics: Health & Wellness

March 18, 2021

In many ways, adults are generally more impacted by the current pandemic than are children. These sessions will

  • provide practical advice on how to help students, staff and administrators cope with the current pandemic

  • review the unique challenges schools face in supporting grieving students during the pandemic

  • highlight free resources to address these challenges

  • introduce the importance of providing support to school professionals –- including superintendents -- and to promote self-care

  • consider how best to support students, staff and ourselves during this evolving pandemic.

  • highlight the impact the pandemic is having on adults within the school system, including ourselves

  • provide practical strategies for dealing with these stressors, and

  • highlight barriers to self-care among school administrators and potential ways to address these barriers

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