Lessons of a Mid-Career Learner

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Topics: Leadership Development, School Administrator Magazine

October 01, 2021

My View

It had been a while since I had been a student. I finished my master’s degree in 1999, in the last century! At the time, I had imagined continuing immediately on to my doctorate, but other things took priority and I moved on.

The opportunity re-emerged about five years ago in conversations with my mentor Yong Zhao, a distinguished professor of educational leadership. By fall 2018, we had a cohort of 17 students ready to undertake a doctorate in education through a Vancouver-based cohort of the University of Kansas.

In the three years since, my student experience has taught me, a mid-career education leader, a few important lessons that I’ll continue to use.

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Chris Kennedy


West Vancouver School District in West Vancouver, British Columbia

This column was adapted from the author's blog, cultureofyes.