The Joyous Benefit of My Blogging

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Topics: School Administrator Magazine, Technology & AI

February 01, 2023

Social Media

I clicked “publish” on my first blog post exactly 10 years ago. Never would I have dreamed I still would be adding posts many years later. Maintaining this blog for a decade has been a professional learning journey, a reflection tool and a fun way to capture some big life events.

Attending the ISTE conference 10 years ago inspired me to start my own blog. At the time, I knew I wanted to write a book, I was just entering my doctoral program, and I was an avid reader. I heard many leaders talk about the value of blogging and I was inspired to try.

I went home, visited WordPress, created my page and then stared at the screen in panic. I didn’t know what to write and couldn’t imagine strangers might read my words. I was so scared that my first post was just a quote I loved.

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Amy Illingworth

Assistant superintendent of educational services

Encinitas, Calif.