How to Delay Active Shooters from Entering Through Glass Windows and Doors

Type: Webinar Recording
Topics: School Safety & Cybersecurity

January 17, 2024

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The recent Nashville tragedy horrifically demonstrated the vulnerability of unprotected glass. As was the case at Sandy Hook, the Nashville perpetrator gained access to the building in seconds by shooting the glass doors.  What can be done? 

Glazing security products such as security window film can help delay active shooters from gaining access – buying precious time for first responders, potentially saving lives. 

Join this webinar to learn how to: 

  • Delay or deny an active shooter from entering through glass doors or windows 
  • Understand the difference between security film, polycarbonate, and ballistic glass
  • Assess your building(s) vulnerabilities based on the Federal Government’s zoned approach 

Plus, learn why security film is recommended by the Final Report of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, the Final Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety, and is mandated in multiple states across the Country.