If You’re Working in School Leadership, Facebook Isn’t Your Friend

Type: Article
Topics: School Administrator Magazine, Technology & AI

March 01, 2024


I’ve concluded Facebook is awful.

Despite never having a Facebook account or profile, I suppose it’s surprising that I have jumped to that conclusion. Oh, I am sure it serves its purpose for the millions of folks who wish to stay connected, make friends, conduct business or share family news and photos. I guess it offers people a way to share updates and make announcements. I think you can even buy and sell things on something called Facebook Marketplace, and it probably has additional features I have never heard of that make FB a big part of one’s lifestyle.

At a time when some feel isolated or disengaged from their community, they are using FB as a way to stay connected or relevant. It’s become a tool to share what we used to call bubble thoughts, things we might think about but would never actually verbalize. As a school leader, I just see the downsides.

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Daniel Gutekanst


Needham, Mass.