Engaging Reluctant Staff in New Initiatives

Type: Article
Topics: School Administrator Magazine, School Staff Shortages

August 01, 2023


As education leaders, we are frequently making plans to implement the next best thing, which means we need to gain the buy-in of teachers and staff to increase the likelihood they can implement plans with true fidelity. Engaging reluctant staff in new initiatives requires a thoughtful approach that considers their concerns, addresses their needs and provides opportunities for collaboration and professional growth.

Before launching initiatives, leaders must consider teachers’ legitimate concerns: How will they find time in their schedule to learn and think about a new initiative?

The best professional learning involves time to collaborate, implement, analyze and reflect. Trainers must provide work time and leave teachers with options for implementation. They must ensure key performance indicators spell out what measures determine success with new programs. Leaders must continuously evaluate and improve the implementation process to ensure staff concerns and needs are addressed.

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Leena Bakshi McLean


STEM4Real, Los Angeles, Calif.