Complementing a Strategic Plan with a Learning Agenda

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Topics: District & School Operations, School Administrator Magazine

April 01, 2021

How to reach the results you’re after and avoid doubling down on a tack that isn’t paying off

Educators believe in the power of plans. We manifest our faith through rituals, from the annual devotional of district strategic planning to the daily devotional of teacher lesson plans. Our faith assumes that if we plan well enough, we will attain the results we desire.

Carrie Conaway
Carrie Conaway is co-author of Common-Sense Evidence: The Education Leader’s Guide to Using Data and Research.PHOTO COURTESY OF CARRIE CONAWAY

Too often, though, our plans omit a sacrament that would increase substantially the likelihood of reaching our goals: A plan to learn from the work, not just to do it.

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Carrie Conaway, senior lecturer on education, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Mass.) and co-author