2023 Fall Journal of Scholarship and Practice

Journal of Scholarship and Practice Fall 2023

This issue explores the complex nature of leadership autonomy in the face of culture wars, disruptive technologies funding and more. 

Additional articles explore instructional coaching, preventing burnout and enriched internships.

The first article is an evidence-based practice article that focuses on research done by Sarah Woulfin, Laura DeSimone, and Amy Stornaiuolo. They describe a coaching model that includes district leaders designing infrastructure for instructional reform and mediating coaching.

The second article is written by Winona State University researchers Paige Peterson and Steven Baule, who look at the relationship between professional development and teacher burnout. In this research piece the writers describe how professional development can provide support, emphasizing the relationship between collaboration, interaction, experimentation, consultation, and reflection when encountering difficulties.

The third article is written by Margaret Terry Orr, director of the doctoral program in educational leadership at Fordham University in New York City. She studied the comparative benefits and outcomes of enriched internship experiences. Orr provides evidence in her research article for the impact of a multi-cohort, state-funded internship initiative.

Finally, the fourth article is a book review of David Berliner and Carl Hermanns’s Public Education: Defending a Cornerstone of American Democracy. Reviewer Art Stellar describes how the book is a collection from education scholars and practitioners that provides perspectives on fifty years of reform efforts. “If,” says the Journal editor, “schools are at multiple inflection points … then a way forward comes through the development and facilitation of a professional learning culture designed to outlast transient leaders, survive disruptive and politically misguided reforms, and develop adaptable leaders who can balance their professional autonomy with an appreciation for system strategic alignment.”



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