School Safety Experts Polled: What Can Be Done to Secure Glass Doors and Windows?

Protecting people and property begins at the perimeter of a building. Unfortunately –  as seen in the Nashville and Sandy Hook tragedies – glass doors and windows are a significant vulnerability in building perimeter security.  
What can be done? 
NGS surveyed hundreds of school safety experts in the 2024 Glass Security and Safety Survey to find out.  
Join our upcoming webinar to: 
  • Learn the key findings and takeaways from the report 
  • Discover actionable insights to improve glazing security  
  • Protect people and property from active shooters, forced-entry, looting, riots, bomb- blasts, seismic activity, windstorms, graffiti, and more  
Plus, learn about the latest innovation in glazing security: 3M S2400 – a glazing security product that absorbs energy upon impact, is visibly clear, and cures within days! 


May 14, 2024 3:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)