Guest Post: What Will It Take to Stabilize Schools in the Time of COVID-19?

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Guest Post: What Will It Take to Stabilize Schools in the Time of COVID-19?

On Thursday, May 7 LPI posted a blog outlining what it will take to have schools stabilized - with the potential for reopening - during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the key findings outlined in the blog include:

  • At least $230 billion is urgently needed to stabilize state education budgets. This is based on a conservative estimate of a 5% decrease in state funding for education in FY20 and a 20% decrease in FY21 (totaling $188.5 billion) combined with the effects of a select group of increased costs (totaling $41.2 billion).
  • The CARES Act funding – an average of only $286 per student – is nowhere near sufficient to stabilize the k-12 public school system over the next 18 months.
  • While this model does not examine how state cuts will impact individual districts, wealthy districts with high levels of local property tax revenue will be less impacted by the downturn as these revenues are more stable in the short run than income and sales taxes. Low wealth districts that have a greater reliance on state revenue will be hit particularly hard by this recession, as they were in the last recession. These low-wealth districts are the most likely to see the loss of a large number of their programs and teaching positions.
  • At a 20% decrease in state funding alone, we project a loss of more than 450,000 school positions, or 12.2% of the nation’s education workforce, a far larger number than were lost in the last recession.

To read the full blog, click here


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