October 9, 2017

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Guest Blog: Update on LGBTQ Student Rights and Policies

Today's guest blog comes from our friends at GLSEN. Please direct any questions or requests for additional information to Sarah Munshi (sarah.munshi@glsen.org).

Much has transpired over the past year related to transgender students’ rights – in the courts, in public policy, and in public debates. At GLSEN, we want every student, in every school, to be valued and treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We believe that all students deserve a safe and affirming school environment where they can learn and grow.

With so much happening in America today, it is more important than ever that every student, including transgender and gender nonconforming students, understand that their school is a safe, welcoming place in which they can learn and thrive. As superintendents and school leaders are faced with critical decisions in their communities that deeply impact students’ school experiences and their success, we want to be sure that accurate information for creating inclusive and non-discriminatory schools and classrooms is readily accessible. Even as the law continues to evolve regarding protections for transgender students, there is clearly nothing that as a matter of law should preclude policy and practice that is educationally grounded and research-based.   

Resources to support your schools include the U.S. Department of Education’s guide, “Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices for Supporting Transgender Students,” and GLSEN and the National Center for Transgender Equality’s “Model District Policy on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students.” Policies such as these have transformed the educational experience for transgender students while critically avoiding any disruption or harm to the educational experience of other students. Thousands of schools across the country have successfully implemented these policies.*   A growing body of evidence shows that districts and schools that adopt and implement all-inclusive policies and practices – including restroom policies – are effective in establishing physically and psychosocially safe schools, resulting in better health and education outcomes for transgender students. 

As the leading national education organization working to create safe and affirming schools for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, or gender expression, GLSEN is proud to lead the effort. Working with school leaders, teachers, parents, and students—as well as national education organizations and associations whose memberships and constituents work directly in schools every day—we seek to provide practical and actionable support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students. And with an extensive Chapter network, currently comprised of nearly 40 Chapters across the country, GLSEN and our volunteers stand ready to work with you ensure that schools are safe and affirming for all, through the resources listed above, direct support, and professional development from GLSEN staff and Chapters.

* GLSEN and Movement Advancement Project, “Separation and Stigma: Transgender Youth & School Facilities,” April 2017.  http://lgbtmap.org/transgender-youth-school.


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