September 12, 2016 1

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ED/DOJ Letter and Resources on SROs

:ast week, the U.S. departments of Education and Justice released new lettersrubrics and resources last week related to the hiring and training of school resource officers. In particular, any law enforcement agencies that receive COPS funding for SROs will be required to adopt the new guidelines for SROs.

Among the resources provided are models for crafting MOUs between schools and local law-enforcement agencies, the role of district leaders in monitoring the actions of school-based police officers, and how to train police in such areas as child development and conflict de-escalation. In addition, they are urging districts to adopt a number of specific recommendations such as:

  • incorporating local, state and federal civil rights laws into agreements with law enforcement,  
  • ensuring that law enforcement officers have no role in administering formal school discipline,  
  • requiring SROs to receive specialized training, including education in youth development,  
  • setting policies on when/how SROs can use restraints, and  
  • training teachers and staff to avoid calling SROs to assist with nonviolent disciplinary issues 



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