AASA Signs Letter Urging a Halt to Title IX Changes

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AASA Signs Letter Urging a Halt to Title IX Changes

AASA joins more than 200 education, victims rights, and civil rights groups in a letter imploring the Trump administration to stop the proposed changes to Title IX. 

This letter, spearheaded by the National Women's Law Center, requests that the administration stop the changes to the law and any other non-emergency rules as over K-12 schools, colleges and universities have or will be closing or moving to an online learning platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


“Moving forward now with a new Title IX rule would only exacerbate these challenges by diverting schools’ already sharply limited resources toward creating complex new policies and training employees on implementation, at a time when schools are already working to radically shift their programs and meet student needs, even while staff operate remotely,” the groups wrote.

With the confusion of closures and shifts to online learning, many are arguing that this rule would cause to much confusion in an already tumultuous time. 

Click here to read the full letter. Click here to read the full article. (Must have access to Politico)