February 28, 2019

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This Week in AASA Advocacy: Letter on House Infra Bill AND the 2019 Leg Agenda

Two items of note this week:

  • AASA Releases Final 2019 Legislative Agenda: Drafted by the AASA executive committee in January, and revised and ratified by the AASA governing board at the National Conference for Education in LA earlier this month, the final legislative agenda is available for your reference. This document represents the organization's federal legislative priorities and is used by the policy and advocacy team as 'marching orders' on Capitol Hill. Join us in DC in July for our annual advocacy conference for your chance to weigh in on these important issues.
  • House Education & Labor Committee Passes Infrastructure Bill: Earlier this week, the committee passed the Rebuild America's School Act, which would provide about $100 billion for school infrastructure, through a combination of $70 billion in direct federal spending for renovation, repairs and modernization, and $30 billion in tax-credit bonds. AASA sent a letter of support (with our friends at AESA). The path forward is far from clear: this bill merely authorizes the funds; Congress would need to actually provide the funding via annual appropriations. Given that FY20 discussions will require a sizable funding cap increase to merely preserve level funding, the likelihood of Congress finding another $100 billion is really limited. Stay tuned!